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Razzl offers an unmatched interactive and personalized video experience. Watch content tailored to your interests, interact with it in real-time, download useful resources, and even shop products - without ever leaving the video.

Razzl app is available for download at the App Store and Google Play Store.

The Razzl app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, Android phones and tablets. Minimum supported OS version: - Android 11 - iOS 15

For Creators

Razzl empowers creators to develop game-changing all-in-one videos and monetize their expertise in a straightforward fashion.

Joining Razzl gives creators access to powerful tools for crafting all-in-one videos. Creators can monetize their videos on a pay-per-view basis or charge for downloads and digital products.

All-in-one videos are a seamless blend of interactivity, digital downloads and commerce. Viewers are can watch content tailored to their interests, interact with it in real-time, download useful resources, and even shop products - without ever leaving the video.

To sign up as a creator at Razzl, all you need is a valid email address. Simply visit our website on your desktop, click on the "Creator Login or Sign-up" button and enter your email.


Razzl provides an easy-to-use online portal where you can author all-in-one videos. Razzl's authoring tool seamlessly guides you through the entire process, providing a structured and intuitive step-by-step experience.

Consider the following guidelines for your video: - Length: The video should be between 1 minute and 2 hours. - Resolution: Choose a resolution of 720p, 1080p, or 4K for optimal viewing experience. - File size: Keep the video file size under 5GB. - File format: Supported formats include .mp4, .mov, and .avi.

Once you publish your video, it becomes readily available for viewers to watch on the Razzl app. Razzl automatically generates interactive elements in the app based on the information you provided.


Creators can monetize their expertise and creativity by offering pay-per-view videos or priced downloads. Instructions, designs, models, code, and other digital products can be offered as priced downloads.

Pay-per-view videos are beneficial for creators who offer courses, lessons, and premium content. In this scenario, the video content holds greater value compared to downloads, which are usually bundled with the video price.

Priced downloads are ideal for creators who sell digital items like instructions, designs, models, code, and other digital products. In this scenario, the video content is provided for free to promote the downloadable items that are available for purchase.


Currently, Razzl offers PayPal payment platform as the payout method. To receive your earnings, you will need to link to your PayPal account. You can find the option under the Profile section on the Razzl creator portal.

Razzl covers PayPal transaction costs for creator payments. If money is transferred from PayPal to a bank outside the U.S. that uses a different currency, the bank or PayPal may charge a fee for conversion to local currency using their own currency exchange rate. Razzl is not responsible for these fees.

The default currency for earnings on Razzl is typically in the currency associated with the country where your PayPal account is registered.


Razzl provides you with analytics to track viewer engagement and video performance. You can access valuable data on earnings, viewer interaction, and other metrics. These metrics are made available via a Dashboard on the Razzl creator portal.


You can reach us at for any inquiries, support, or feedback you may have. We are here to assist you.


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